Macchan(マッチャン ソース) Macchan sauce(マッチャン ソース)


  • Macchan(マッチャン)買い物カゴ
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  • タマチャンショップ 公式LINE
  • タマチャンショップ 公式LINE
Macchan(マッチャン ソース) Macchan(マッチャン ソース) Macchan(マッチャン ソース) Macchan(マッチャン ソース) Macchan(マッチャン ソース)

Macchan sauce(マッチャン ソース)マッチャンタイムズ

Everyone will love it,
become addicted to it,
and smile when they eat it!

Macchan" was developed with Mr. Oya, who played a leading role in spreading Japanese wagyu beef throughout Europe, with the aim of creating a "third sauce loved around the world".

Macchan sauce(マッチャン ソース)

※Trademark registration pending

“UMAMI” Entertainment

From Japan to the World
Come and join us for a new culture.

Macchan sauce(マッチャン ソース)Commitment to 7 Sources

Macchan(マッチャン ソース)のpoint1

Sauce based on the world's most familiar vegetable, the onion

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Macchan(マッチャン ソース)のpoint2

All Japan sauce made from domestic ingredients

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Macchan(マッチャン ソース)のpoint3

Simple yet distinctive and harmonious taste

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Macchan(マッチャン ソース)のpoint4

Sauce expressing Japan's unique UMAMI

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Macchan(マッチャン ソース)のpoint5

A versatile sauce that goes well with meat, seafood, vegetables, and everything in between.

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Macchan(マッチャン ソース)のpoint6

Viscosity similar to mayonnaise or ketchup

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Macchan(マッチャン ソース)のpoint7

Use of raw materials compliant with export regulations in countries around the world

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macchan sause(マッチャン ソース)

※Trademark registration pending

macchan sause(マッチャン ソース)

※Trademark registration pending

Macchan UMAMI rich sauce(Machan Umami Rich Sauce)

Sold at online store and in stores!Limited quantities will be available, so there are restrictions on purchase.
※Online sales at stores other than the target store are considered resale. We cannot guarantee the quality of products purchased from resellers, so please purchase from authorized stores.


Q1: How to save?
A: Please store away from direct sunlight, high temperature and humidity.
Please store in the refrigerator after opening.
Q2: Best before?
A: 10 months after manufacture
Consume as soon as possible after opening.
Q3: where is it sold?
A: We only sell at specific online shops.
Click here for online shop list ≫

* Online sales outside of the target shops will be resold.
We cannot guarantee the quality of products purchased from resellers, so please purchase from authorized stores.
Q4: Can I introduce it on my SNS?
A: Please introduce us.
However, please do so within the bounds of common sense, such as not slandering or violating portrait rights.
Q5: What kind of food does it go with?
A: A versatile sauce that goes well with meat, seafood, and vegetables.
First of all, please try it with the dishes you usually eat with mayonnaise, ketchup, and sauce.
Q6: I would like to know the origin of the main ingredients.
A: The main ingredients such as onions, shiitake mushrooms, and kelp are all domestically produced.
Q7: I would like to know where to inquire about products.
A: For product inquiries, please see the page below.
Click here for contact information ≫

飾りProject Member飾り

  • Hitoshi Matsumoto

    Hitoshi Matsumoto

    In 1982, he formed a duo with his childhood friend Masatoshi Hamada.
    Since then, he has become a top runner in the comedy world as Downtown.
    Nicknamed Matsucchan, he is active in a wide range of genres including comedian, manzai master, host, actor, film director, writer, and commentator.

  • Nobutaka Tsubota

    Nobutaka Tsubota

    ``The story of a gal who was at the top of her grade and got accepted into Keio University by increasing her standard score by 40 points in one year'' (commonly known as ``Biligal'') became a bestseller.
    While he is an educator who teaches students himself, he is also an entrepreneur who founded several companies, including IT companies, and is also the manager of those companies.

  • Kenji Oya

    Kenji Oya

    He has been in Europe for 30 years, opened a Japanese restaurant in Germany in his early 20s as an owner-chef, and in 2014, with the lifting of the ban on Wagyu beef exports to Europe, established the European subsidiary of the Wagyu trading company WAGYU MASTER EUROPE GmbH.
    Representative of Japan Finest, a company that promotes excellent Japanese products to the world.
    Invented and supervised Macchan UMAMI rich sauce.

  • Kotaro Tanaka.

    Kotaro Tanaka

    Representative of Tamachanshop. He has won the Rakuten Shop of the Year 8 times and the Gourmet Grand Prize. JAPAN EC2022 "Companies with Good Products and Services" Grand Prize Winner!  
    A top creator who has produced hundreds of food products and created numerous hit products.

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